Rick Mayes' ships

Four-masted barque Sea Cloud

A build story and pictures appeared in the October 2006 issue of Marine Modelling International.

Three-masted ship The Maltese Falcon

Maltese10.jpg Maltese11.jpg General view

Maltese20.jpg Maltese21.jpg Maltese22.jpg Maltese23.jpg Maltese24.jpg Maltese25.jpg Maltese26.jpg Deck detail

Maltese31.jpg Maltese32.jpg Maltese39.jpg Opening the deck, and LED night illumination

MalteseLaunch1.jpg MalteseLaunch2.jpg MalteseLaunch3.jpg MalteseLaunch4.jpg MalteseLaunch5.jpg MalteseLaunch6.jpg MalteseLaunch7.jpg MalteseLaunch9.jpg Launched!

MalteseYouTube_tn.jpg VIDEO on Sunshine Coast Model Boat Club YouTube, captured by Brian Carson's UAV


Rick may me contacted via the Sunshine Coast Model Boat Club, Queensland, Australia