Cocatre-Zilgien, J.H. "Walking machine with backhoe legs", U.S. patent application 08/804,318 filed February 21, 1997, abandoned May 24, 1999.
Abstract. A hydraulically powered walking machine or legged robot comprising a chassis on the periphery of which are articulated a plurality of backhoes. Each backhoe is terminated either with a removable tool implement such as a bucket to act as a standard backhoe, or with a removable rigid or ankled foot implement to act as a leg. A computer system collects sensory information from position and hydraulic pressure sensors and sends commands to valves or variable-displacement hydraulic pumps. Both a hexapod and an octopod version are described. A new method of walking is developed so that backhoes exert propulsive forces primarily in a vertical plane and only accessorily around their horizontal swing axis. Commutable hydraulic accumulators increase leg compliance during walking. Walking machine carries supplemental foot or tool implements on its chassis and protective equipment or external payloads under its chassis. Walking machine can also dock onto a wheeled or tracked cart powered by hydraulic motors so as to constitute a hybrid wheeled and legged self-propelled machine. 17 claims. 7 drawing sheets.

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