Publications of Dr. Jan Cocatre-Zilgien


I wrote and submitted these patents without an attorney, which took significant work. Was it a total loss of time? No. Writing a patent requires a precise focus on what you want to do, and this was invaluable. If you cannot write your idea on the back of a postage stamp, it means that idea is too fuzzy. When one of my brothers heard I got a patent, he confided he always wanted to develop a kite with LEDs to fly in the coastal evening breezes. This sounded really great; however, a quick search revealed there were already 10 of those patented, so it is not that easy to come up with something new. Especially new and useful! To view the all-important USPTO patent images, see How to View Patent TIFF Images, or click on the [images] above to show them in a new window

Peer-Reviewed Publications

These papers date from my UIUC years (in Prof. Fred Delcomyn' labs) working mostly on, ahem, ...cockroaches, more precisely Periplaneta americana. I gained a lot of respect for them, and I would hate to have to smash one of these critters in some cheap Florida motel. The most surprising to me is that these insects have personalities just like humans; the bully on top of the water jar, the limping one in the corner, and the touchy-feely one who always wants to be in contact with others. Over the years work evolved from "wet" neurobiology towards modeling and simulation of neuron, muscle, leg, and whole-insect dynamics.

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