Clipperton Island Scrapbook (DRAFT)


Clipperton Island is one of those minuscule "dots in the middle of the ocean" that can be found in school atlases, and no matter what scale is the map, it is always shown as a dot! Intriguing tropical island.

ClippertonTahitiSituation.png One of the most isolated lands on Earth, without any surrounding archipelago (Wikipedia)

Looking at the Pacific ocean as a whole, Clipperton appears to be close to the Americas; not so; it lies 1,280 km from the Mexican coast, that is 3 to 4 days of navigation from Acapulco.

This web page is more a scrapbook than anything else, trying to gather what is not in official references. Any contribution is welcome.


The Internet provides some starting points, with a history well worth reading: (French Wikipedia) (English Wikipedia)

A couple of web sites really stand out by their thoroughness (in French only, but nice pictures): by Christian Jost by Jean-Louis Étienne

And more and more pictures appear as well: 2008 Clipperton in 3-D, by Chris Grossman
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Clipperton is small, if not minuscule.
It has an ovoid shape 4 x 3 km, and a circumference of 11.8 km (7.3 statute miles).
Total area is 8.9 km2, of which 7.2 km2 is the lagoon, and a mere 1.7 km2 (0.65 sm2) of land.
The land has a width between 40 m to 360 m between ocean and lagoon.

ClippertonMap_1711.jpg Map from 1711 (bizarrely upside down) with its original name (Ile de la Passion)

A very unique feature of Clipperton is its "rocher" of basaltic rock, 3.7 million years old. The island is the remnant of a volcano, rising more than 3000 m (10,000 feet) from the ocean floor, from the edge of what is now called the Clipperton Fault. The Clipperton rock has been a training target for the guns of Navy ships....

AndrisJersovs_60549.jpg Large scale seafloor map (Andris Jersovs)

AndrisJersovs_60598.jpg radar view (Andris Jersovs)

Life forms


Decrepitude and bleak future

Cybergeo : Revue européenne de géographie, N° 314, 01 juillet 2005
Risques environnementaux et enjeux à Clipperton (Pacifique français)
Environment hazards on Clipperton Island (French Pacific): what is at stake?
Christian JOST
Projet_SEDEIC_Carte.jpg Abandoned development project (SEDEIC)

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