3-D stereoscopic pictures

Wedding of Aimee Gilmore and William VanPraag

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

May 2, 2008

To view these pictures in 3-D, adjust the width of this Window so that corresponding points are not wider than 2.5 inches, then lock the left eye on the left picture and the right eye on the right picture (parallel viewing). Drinking some Champagne may help fusing the two images into one.... The pictures were taken with an old Loreo camera with a broken flash; sorry!

Before the wedding, on the roof of the Crescent Hotel

20080502_003.jpg 20080502_017.jpg van Praag Brothers: Paul, William, and Rusty van Praag

20080502_006.jpg 20080502_005.jpg Susan Harum and new sunglasses

20080502_007.jpg 20080502_019.jpg Daughter-Mother: Emma Cocatre-Zilgien & Susan Harum

20080502_013.jpg 20080502_008.jpg Sisters: Cindy Wachter, Susan & Margaret Harum

20080502_002.jpg 20080502_004.jpg 20080502_010.jpg Cousins: Paul VP, Philip Wachter, Emma C-Z, Anna Wachter

20080502_011.jpg 20080502_012.jpg Susan Harum & Jan Cocatre-Zilgien

20080502_016.jpg 20080502_018.jpg Susan Harum in the hot sun

20080502_009.jpg Scot & Cindy Wachter

Wedding in the Thorncrown Chapel in the woods

20080502_020.jpg 20080502_021.jpg Rev. William Harum & Kathryn Harum

20080502_022.jpg 20080502_119.jpg Wayne Roth & William Harum

20080502_110.jpg 20080502_111.jpg 20080502_112.jpg Aimee Gilmore, William van Praag, Jaden Gilmore

20080502_115.jpg 20080502_117.jpg Mr & Mrs William van Praag & Jaden van Praag

20080502_120.jpg Kathryn & Susan Harum, Cindy Wachter

20080502_126.jpg 20080502_127.jpg Jaden, Emma, Anna, then Wayne, Philip, Anna, Emma